About UCLA Investment Company

Fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility for overseeing growing assets in an increasingly complex investment environment, The UCLA Foundation Board of Directors formed a subsidiary nonprofit organization to manage investments.

Following extensive study by the board, the UCLA Investment Company assumed oversight of the UCLA endowment and other assets under management by The UCLA Foundation on Oct. 1, 2011.

The UCLA Investment Company is led by a President and Chief Investment Officer and is governed by a 11-member board, including volunteers with deep knowledge of the investment industry, finance and business who are appointed by The UCLA Foundation Board of Directors. Four members serve on the company’s board by virtue of their positions: the campus’ Chief Financial Officer, the Chair of The UCLA Foundation Board of Directors, the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer of The UCLA Foundation, and the company’s President and Chief Investment Officer. The company follows investment policies approved by The UCLA Foundation which are consistent with campus priorities. The company is overseen by The UCLA Foundation Board of Directors.

The purpose of the endowment is to support the educational mission of UCLA by providing a reliable source of funds for current and future use.

The UCLA Foundation promotes philanthropy and manages resources to advance the campus mission of teaching, research and public service. Through The Foundation, donors participate in building, sustaining and advancing the university. The Foundation receives contributions made by alumni, friends, private foundations and corporations; invests and manages the contributions to protect and enhance their value; and disburses them to UCLA’s many professional schools, academic departments and operating units.